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2010 Ford Fusion - Brakes broke

having issues with brakes when hitting a pot hole or really any kind of bump in the road to hard my brakes fill like they let lose and go to the ground. I have almost hit somebody because I had to stop Quickly and I hit just a small bump and brakes went to the ground. I have seen similar complaints about this and they keep replacing the hydraulics on this 2010 ford se fusion and the customer’s still say it is happening after being charged 2000.00 dollar to fix it. they need to recall the entire brake system. Does 2 or more people have to die before they fix the real problem I will never buy ford again and the dealerships are the most un helpful and rude people that I have ever came across. If more people would write a written complaint than maybe they will recall the right brake issue.

It’s ten years old, so try an independent shop.

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