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2017 Ford Fusion - Brakes

Bought 2017 Ford Fusion SE 1.5 new in 2016. New car warranty just ended, but have extended warranty. Have only driven 4,600 total miles. Brake pedal went all the way to floor, no brakes almost had accident. Looked at fluid reservoir, was completely dry. Had towed to my Ford Dealer. Said they could find nothing wrong with brakes. I have had this vehicle serviced there every 6 mos. Seems they are giving me runaround. Am afraid to drive this car. Anyone else had this problem?

Why do you think they are giving you the run around. You failed to put in your post what they did . Did they find the brake fluid was low or empty . As for if anyone else has this problem that does not matter . If you are afraid to drive this then have it towed to an independent brake shop for a second opinion

By having the vehicle serviced I assume you mean oil changes and such. Sometimes shops do a “courtesy inspection” when the vehicle is serviced but often they only do the work requested. It’s your responsibility to check your oil and other fluids. This may be a new problem or it may not. You could have been losing brake fluid for months or something in the brake system could have failed suddenly. It’s impossible to determine over the internet.

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As the brake pads/rotors/shoes/drums wear the brake fluid ion the plastic bottle goes down. That’s normal. They try to calibrate it so when the fluid goes below the “add” line it means components should be replaced first. Otherwise when the component are replaced then the fluid will overflow the bottle, making a mess. Are you saying fluid was well below the “add” line yet the shop tells you they’ve measured all the above components their dimensions are all within spec? If so that means you’ve got an external brake fluid leak somewhere.

I cannot imagine they wore the brake pads down so far in 4600 miles that it depleted the fluid in the master cylinder. The fact that they can’t find anything wrong in a car with 4600 miles speaks more to their competence or willingness to troubleshoot the problem under warranty. You should get the zone office involved and report it as a safety issue to NHTSA.