ABS system

Yesterday, while driving in Philadelphia, I hit a small pothole while braking for a stop sign. The brakes gave way and I had to push hard to stop the car there. I continued on but the brakes felt low. This happened once or twice before but this time was scary… 2007 Ford Fusion. Any advice or similar experience? Happens with bumpy roads.

If you have brake problems, rather then try to get an answer on a forum which may come too late to save your life, have the car brake system inspected immediately. Personally, I would have it towed to a shop, ASAP.


Was the pedal spongy?

Was the pedal rock hard?

We have a particular stop sign where there is a drop of about 2-3 inches shear drop, while braking on that particular spot I constantly get a soggy petal after hitting it.

From time to time I get either or, Sometimes the Brake pedal will be rock hard, and sometimes it will be soft. It’s a bit hit and miss.