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2010 Ford Escape dash lights dim/flicker with headlights turned on

Hey guys :smile:

I’m hoping I can get some insight into a issue I’ve been having with my 2010 Ford Escape. Its been having a lot of electrical problems lately (stereo display broke which I repaired, Blower stopped working, fog lights stopped working) but one nagging issue I’ve been having for the longest time is that when I turn on my headlights my dash lights will instantly dim and flicker intermittently.

It seems like the cars simply not getting enough power however I just recently put in a brand new battery and when I brought it into the shop they said the alternator was good as well (although they weren’t too much help at the shop lol.) Anyways I would really appreciate if some of you guys wouldn’t mind sharing some of your knowledge and giving me some tips as far as what else could be causing this issue.

Thanks in advance!


Have someone test the charging system for AC ripple.

Excessive AC ripple can cause lights to flicker.


There is a software update for the Smart Junction Block to correct the flickering instrument cluster back lighting on the 2010 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner, contact your ford expert.

Oh no way! A little frustrating considering I spoke with ford on the phone and they didn’t seem familiar with the problem :sweat_smile: Oh well guess I’ll try getting that updated and see if it fixes the problem.

Hm yeah that could very well be it… Wouldn’t doubt if the alternators on its way out considering I’ve also been having issues with the car starting and the engine seizing just after starting up on occasion.

could you explain this? A seized engine is usually the end of the engine’s life and happens just once.

If this was a Ford dealer they are going to be reluctant to diagnose over the phone . They usually want to run their own diagnostic’s so they don’t mislead the customer.

Absolutely, I dont know if seizing is the correct term. Basically just after starting up the car the car will just stop running and need to be restarted. Usually on the second attempt it starts up just fine and keeps running.