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2010 Dodge Journey feels like it's slipping

The transmission feels like it’s “slipping” on our 2010 Journey. It doesn’t seem to follow any particular driving situations, or conditions (like when it’s cold or hot or up-hill or straight running); it just happens occasionally. Of course, we’ve barely busted the 100K mile warranty, so i figure it’s time for something to break. Does any one have any suggestions on where a DIY-er can start troubleshooting? Thanks ahead for any help.

Get your tranny drained and filter replaced. Dodge has horrible trannies. I know. My Intrepid went out 4 times in 36k miles. Traded it in for a camry.

So has the trans fluid and filter ever been changed? That should be done on roughly 30k miles intervals.

Make mine another vote for tranny servicing… at a reputable shop, NOT at Jiffy Lube!
And be sure that only the correct fluid is used. Specify that to the shop.

You might also want to check the current fluid for contamination and for any unusual burned smell. If the servicing doesn’t make the problem go away, you’re going to want to pass as much information to the shop as you can.

Does this vehicle have a continuously variable transmission? (CVT)

Thanks for the input; I’ll have the tranny serviced by a professional. I don’t think it’s ever been done.

As for the CVT…how would one find out if it is or isn’t?

"As for the CVT…how would one find out if it is or isn’t? "

Well, I suppose that you could take a look at the Owner’s Manual…


are you original owner? does owners manual have any info on service intervals for trans? did you ever read it?

I might have glanced at the manual once or twice, but not to the extent to looking for what type of tranny it has or service intervals. And yes, i am the original owner. I’ll take a look in it and find out. Thanks.

If the owner’s manual doesn’t explain how to tell which xmission type you have, if you take your VIN number to a dealership they should be able to tell you.

My 2010 had the same slipping problem but only around 1500-2000 rpm. A factory service center said it was probably the spark plugs and wires, they had not been changed out at 100,000 miles as recommended. That fixed the problem.

  1. Please do not reopen old threads. The OP has almost certainly fixed the problem, one way or another.

  2. Replacing worn spark plugs and wires (which a 2010 Dodge Journey does not have, being coil-on-plug) has nothing to do with a slipping transmission.

That could be the same problem, many transmission complains turn out to be driveability problems. Misfires and lack of throttle response are often mistaken by vehicle owners as a transmission malfunction. If your transmission was slipping the engine speed would flare much higher than 2000 RPMs when opening the throttle.

Thanks for clearing that up.