2010 Chrysler Town & Country #- Rear spolier breaks

Rear spoiler breaks when the rear hatch is raised. It will be fine for months, and then break. Replaced three in the last two years

Thanks, that’s good to know I’ll look out for that on my 2011 Caravan.

Stop replacing it.

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If the spoiler is a dunsel part (something which serves no purpose, from Star Trek), maybe the best thing to do next time it breaks is ask a body shop to remove it entirely and patch as necessary to make it look like it was never there.

well, you could not open the hatch anymore. :rofl:
just kidding.
is this a stock spoiler or an after-market one that hits the roof when you open the rear?

I think the rear spoiler has the 3rd high center brake light in it . I just can’t see how it can break , it should not hit anything.

That’s what we can’t figure out. It will work fine for months and then it will break.

It’s the third one in two years. All purchased through Chrysler.

where is it breaking? is the spoiler cracking or does it detach from where it is mounted to?

Quit slamming the tailgate.

Do you folks ever see married couples argue about the car doors being slammed too hard by one or the other? … . lol …

I’ve put on a couple oem spoilers. It’s not comforting to drill holes in a new car, but if memory serves, in addition to the mounting bolts, they wanted silicone adhesive used all around the perimeter. Depending on where it is breaking might try a different installer.