4Runner Hood Protector - 1997

My 1997 4Runner has a plastic hood / air foil / spoiler that runs across the front of the hood, presumably to divert air flow.

Carwash just broke it. Should I try to replace this thing?

If you can get money from the carwash just put it in your pocket and forget the spoiler. If the carwash won’t pay for a spoiler then forget the spoiler anyway.

The plastic spoiler has no impact on mpg. It simply keeps rocks from chipping the paint on the hood. With a '97 I think you can live with a few nicks on the hood.

Check with an auto parts store on the cost to replace it. It should be easy to remove the broken one and put on a new one, likely a DIY job. Perhaps the car wash will remimburse you for part of the costs of a new one, but most carwash’s state up front that they are not liable for damages to trim.