Lexus Rx300 Spoiler

Im thinking of purchasing some modifications for my Rx300, down the road I would like to change out the spoiler from the factory or just remove it altogether. Im having a hard time finding any spoilers online, a couple russian videos showing off some custom spoilers but no links anywhere, help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

Wings West has one spoiler for the RX300, $239 and might take some test fitting
1999-2003 Lexus Rx300 W-Typ Roof Spoiler Loaded Commerce (

Maybe someone can explain this request to me . How much different would a different spoiler look and would someone even notice . Also the part about removing it altogether , why ? That should require some hole patching and paint would it not . Just seems like spending money for no reason.

Because why not, ive always been into the weirder stuff and what weirder car to modify than a mom SUV I think its hilarious and would be a fun project, so I want to spice it up. Theres plenty of aftermarket things for the RX300, body kits, wheels, interior accessories all that only thing im having trouble finding is a spoiler, theres tons of replacement spoilers, w type, and rear window vents but no aftermarket spilers that are obviously custom like on other vehicles. Obviously its not a must have but I know it can help with grip and also give the car a funkier look which is what im going for.

The spoiler on SUV’s is to help keep the rear window clear. It works by keeping a flow of air across the rear window at speed. Without it you may be cleaning that rear window a lot.

This spoiler on my car was not made for that I do not believe lol. I feel my spoiler more filters the dust downward onto my rear window and the air upward, everysingle time I wash my car the very next day it will be covered like I didnt wash it whatsoever. I dont live in a very dusty place either.