2009 Toyota Venza Heater Blows Hot on Passenger Side, Cold on Driver Side

Dual climate control. Heater blows hot on passanger side and always cold on driver side (seems more ambient cold than AC Cold). AC blows super cold on both sides. The main temp control on the dash sometimes gets stuck on auto when the car first starts up for a few minutes, then can be changed between different modes after a couple of minutes after starting. This is my Mom’s car, so I am not sure if this is normal.

A local shop diagnosed problem as a faulty temperature control module. I installed a used temp control module from a junk yard and nothing changed. This the module behind the dash, not the physical controls in the cab.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem could be here? Any input would be much appreciated.



I would suggest the junk yard module has the same problem as the one you replaced. The local shop diagnosed the problem and they actually touched the car. Why not order a new module from Toyota?

The problem might be with the blend door actuator for the drivers side.

The blend door is what controls whether hot or cold air comes out the drivers side.


As tester says , that sounds like a blend door In some cars it is an easy job , in others it can be very expensive , mostly labor cost due to dash disaasembly . Dont know about your particular car .