2010 Chevy Equinox Thermometer

My wife and I just purchased a new 2010 Chevrolet Equinox. So far, so good; we love it. There is one thing that is driving us crazy (we have very boring lives). There is a temperature display on the radio face. We have looked everywhere in the manual, but there is no mention of this. We would just like to know if the temperature displayed there is INSIDE or OUTSIDE? Can anyone tell us with certainty which it is?

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You Can. Be Patient And Observe.

If you can wait:

When you’re driving with the air conditioning on and it says 72 degrees and you’re comfortable on a scorching hot day then it’s inside temperature.

When you’re driving with the heat on and you’re nice and warm on a freezing day and it’s reading 25 degrees then it’s outside temperature.

Also, you could conduct an experiment if you can’t wait. Turn on the heat or the air conditioning full blast and see whether or not the temperature indication changes quickly which would tell you that it’s inside temperature. No change ? Then it must be outside temperature.


EXCELLENT!! It’s good to know that common sense abounds in this great nation of ours. Thanks for yours.

You’re Welcome. I Try.

Please let us know the nature of your experiment and the results.


MY bet is it is outside temp, if it is an OEM radio and interior if it is an after market radio

Outside Temperature Is Useful, Especially For Those Living In Climates That Have Weather With Temperatures That Drop Below Freezing, Making Roadways Possibly Hazardous.

Some Even Alert The Driver When This Happens.


I also have 2010 Equinox. The temperature reading on the right side of the radio display is the OUTSIDE temperature. The one in the center is the temperature that you set with your climate controls.

GM did a nice job on the 2010 Equinox, but the owner’s manual is fair at best.

Good luck.

If the outside temperature falls to or below 32 deg.F, a warning appears on the display between the tachometer and speedometer. I think it states “Icy Conditions may exist” or something like that. I can’t remember exactly from this past winter. I think it goes off by itself after a few seconds. Yet another thing that you won’t find in the owner’s manual.