'98 Saturn SL2 door lock switch/key fob issue

I was having intermittent problems with my key fob. I replaced several times, but still had problems with it not working. (A real joy when the alarm is armed). Recently, the driver’s door switch (lock/unlock) failed completely. All of a sudden, the key fob is working perfectly (so far) again. Could the failing switch have been causing the fob malfunction all along? I’d like to use the fob, but I’m not fond of the part where the car is alarmed and it won’t disengage.

I don’t see how the switch could make the fob work. I suspect the fob trouble you had wasn’t really due to the fob itself. It might be the receiver side for the fob that has the problem or there may be an interference issue.

My thought was if the switch was failing electronically, maybe the switch was the problem, not the fob itself. The fob hasn’t worked in the last year, but when the switch was replaced, now suddenly the fob is working. Is this a realistic train of thought?

Well it could be I suppose but without seeing how things are really wired it is hard to say. Perhaps something else got changed during the repair work to make the fob work again. To have that many fobs really fail on you seems pretty unlikely to me.

Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it.