2010 Chevrolet Corvette fuel problems

I’m looking to buy a 2010corvette but I’m reading about the fuel problems on these cars. can anyone give me suggestions on the car or should i just stay away from it and look for something else thank you for your time

Do a little research here… https://www.carcomplaints.com/Chevrolet/Corvette/

I am a big fan of the C6 model of Corvettes and the 2010 is the last of those models. Notice the complaints are pretty low for this year overall. That said, Corvettes are complicated cars that are not cheap to service - think 10 lbs in a 5 lb bag! Not cheap to insure, either.

The bigger issue in buying a 9 year old car is the condition. Take any car you might consider buying to your (emphasis on YOUR, not the sellers shop) mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. Best $120 or so you’ll ever spend.

You are looking at a used vehicle . Like all used vehicles not all of them have the same problems or the problem could have been solved in the past. Used vehicles can be good or if they break you fix it just like you would any used vehicle.

As a 33 yo married guy with clean driving record, my 1 year premium us only $700 for a 2012 vette. the claim that they are expensive to insure is def. false. But insurance rates are usually determined by other factors too like, age, married/not, garaging zip, record, etc. i work in insurance btw

I would guess that after 2 years Langford has made a decision .


I bought my first vette in around 1980. Back then, they had books with the published rates the agents would use to determine your premium. I thought I would have a bit of fun with my agent after buying the car.

After exchanging pleasantries, I told him I needed insurance on a new to me car I just bought. “Congratulations, what are we talking about?”. “1969 Chevy, two door”. As he reached for the appropriate book, he asked, “model?” “Corvette”. “Wrong book!” he said as he reached further for the correct rate book. It was then quite a bit more expensive and at least for me, my Corvettes have always commanded a higher premium than my more sedate rides…

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My wife was working for Metropolitain Insurance when I bought my Corvette. It was on their do-not-insure list of cars. That list included her Merkur Xr4Ti as well. My rates at State Farm for my 84 Corvette were about 20% higher than a normal car.

Posting you spend $700 a year to insure yours doesn’t really give any comparison since rates vary wildly across the USA.

Hence the “But insurance rates are usually determined by other factors too like, age, married/not, garaging zip, record, etc”

Not sure about metropolitan insurance…but here in MD, never heard of a do not insure list. At our agency, we want all the businesses, yea certain cars wont be eligible thru our bread and butter (nationwide) but we have other markets for high end vehicles (progressive) and older vehicles (hagerty).

i stand corrected! the $700 a year i mentioned earlier is actually the 1 year cost for my wifes murano. the vette is $681.48 per year.

Is that full coverage, or just the bare minimum to satisfy state requirements ?

I would never use bare minimum limits. Too risky imo.

How many miles per year, and are either vehicles used for commuting? Both are large parts of insurance cost.

Location is also part of the cost.
Michigan is 3 times as expensive as Maine for car insurance.

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The OP is in Maryland, and most people live in Central Maryland. The OP could live in Western Maryland or in the Eastern Shore, and costs would be lower there. Central Maryland is part of a large metropolitan area, and it costs more to insure there.

You may want to up the property damage . . .

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Both vehicles are placed under ‘pleasure’. I applied marriage discount, smartride, accident free, along with home/car/multi car. I used to have a terrible record but have been ticket and accident free since 2010. I think all those variables as well as my zip code results in my current premium. But knowing insurance, anytime, anyone can be hit with mid term rate increase which is why i tend to lock my rates in for 1 year and pay in full.

Not sure why you Hijacked this thread to post about your insurance rates . But now you post that both are insured under the low mileage rate so that does not even apply to the majority of drivers and has little meaning to other locations of the country.

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