Chevrolet Corvette (C8) or Mazda MX-5 RF (ND)

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TBH, I am not the best driver out there, so I want to know which car is better at handling, steering, and general maneuverability. Thanks :grinning:.

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Different cars, the mx5 would be the better learning tool, the c8 ,jas the power advantage but every mx5 owner I’ve known has ravef about how much fun to drive they are.


+1 to wolyrobb’s comment.

Totally different cars…
If someone wants brute power, obviously the 'vette wins that faceoff.
On the other hand, if someone wants a genuine sports car in the traditional sense–complete with extremely nimble handling plus the bonus of outstanding reliability–then the Mx-5 is the winner.

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C8 = $100k
Mx5 = $15k?

Mx5 is $25k-$30k, so about 1/3 the price of a C8. To the OP - two very different cars, learn on the Mx5. If you’re asking a serious question, that is.

Someone who is not the best driver out there probably should not have either one .
I also doubt if this is a serious question as they are very different vehicles .


The Miata will make you a better driver, if you run out of talent in the MX-5, you probably won’t be going fast enough that you can’t recover or bring yourself to stop. The C8 will challenge even a good driver. Mistakes in the comparatively more powerful, mid-engined C8 will be more dire.


This is like comparing a BLT to a Rueben…
Both sandwiches bit very different.

A Miata is far easier for a driver of lesser abilites.

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Yes I’m serious. I’m looking to buy a coupé convertible that is still in production, and Corvette and Miata are the only two options out there (é_convertibles). Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (R231) is too old, and I am not going to buy a Ferrari or McLaren because they are too expensive.

I am simply being modest. I had owned a Scion FR-S before switching to a Jeep Wrangler (JK). I can drive both cars just fine and I am happy with the Jeep’s soft top. However, I am not happy with the fact that I have to manually fold and unfold the soft top all the time. I am also trying to get back to the sports car game.

The Miata has a great top. Easy to use. Earlier models have a folding hard top. I think the current generation introduced one as well.

There is the Fiat version of the Miata as well that is a 2 seat convertible. I would not vouch for the reliability of the engine, the only Fiat system, but they look and drive very well.

That list is not up to date, Mercedes has 4 models starting at under $100,000. BMW has a 4 series convertible and the Z4. Lexus has a LC500 convertible but that might be too big to be considered a sports car.

What about Camaro or Mustang? They’re available as convertibles with power tops.

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The OP wants a retractable hardtop, not a soft top convertible.
Saying coupe-convertible threw me off when I first read it.

Thank you for the suggestion, but I am looking for a
retractable hardtop only.

Missed Point

The RF is the current folding hard top or Retractable Fastback as Mazda calls it

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The Mazda MX5 RF has a mechanized Targa top, the Corvette is similar. These are not traditional convertibles in my opinion.

I agree… But a retractile hardtop is very nice if you drive highways a lot or live where is gets very cold during the non-convertible season.

I drove quite a few highway miles in both the convertibles we owned… the noise really gets to you after a while. On cold days it could get a little tough to keep the car warm. On nice sunny days, being able to drop the hard-roof brings back the open-air feel. You lose virtually ALL your trunk space… so that’s a consideration.

Vettes are sold out. 2 yr waiting list? Used ones are $110k. Getting a convert vette? Long wait.