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2010 Buick LaCrosse #- How to make AC colder

I have a 2010 Buick for the last two years I have a limited amount of air conditioning. I took it to the Buick garage and had them check the air conditioning they told me it was working good. The mechanic turned it all the way to low and the fan to high and it was putting out cold air but the temp. outside was only 78. When it was 89 it didn’t feel cold. I changed the filter in back of the glove box. Is there another filter or some way I can clean the evaporator. I bought a thermometer, the air coming out is only 60 I checked my other car and the air is 40. Can you give me any advice. I bought a can of Freon and tester but the tester didn’t work it showed over 100lbs it should only be 50lbs I let a lot out but it didn’t help so I put some in.

Thanks Bill Krieg

You need to have an A/C shop handle this issue. You do not have the tools to properly handle this repair and the safe handling of the gasses involved.

You also cannot just “let some out and put some in”… the system is more scientific than this

An AC shop should be able to quickly tell you what is needed and or fix it for you quickly


If the tester didn’t work, why did you believe it?


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Honda_Blackbird is exactly right. Head to an A/C shop.

Sounds like the system is low on refrigerant which is common for a 10 year old car.
I suspect there is a problem with the way the can is connected or the way you are reading it. A fair amount of info is missing. Does that 100 mean engine off, engine idling, or what?

I’m in agreement on this one. You need an A/C shop before you get in over your head and damage the unit or yourself.

I have a rule for myself: if I mess with my air conditioner without the proper equipment it very well could be the last time I have air conditioning. So if I want to take that risk I better not cry because of all the damage I have done. If I really want the AC to work at full efficiency, I take it to someone with the proper equipment.