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2011 Ford Fiesta: AC blows hot air

My A/C is blowing out hot air. It’s unbearable, always hot here. I noticed it slowly started to be less and less cold. Do I need Freeon or is my A/C broken???

More than likely the AC system is low on refrigerant.

Take the vehicle to a shop that does AC repair, and they can tell you what will be required to fix it.


In the way of caution to avoid an expensive mistake, make sure testing shows it actually needs refrigerant before adding any. Then only add the precise amount needed. This is best done be evacuation the entire system so you know it is empty, then adding the spec’d amount for a full fill. Overfilling is a common way to damage AC systems. This is not a task for inexperienced diy’ers imo. Best done by a pro shop or AC specialist that has experience w/automobile AC.

Other common causes for poor AC: Engine cooling fans not working correctly, compressor not turning on for some reason, under-dash vent doors not working.