Fed up with Mazda

Mazda seems to be making things horrible for its customers, how can a new car have a clutch problem with only 28761 km and the vehicle is driven by me only with more than 30yrs experience and it’s clear that this is a factory fault not what has been explained to me. How can the clutch disk not be covered in their warranty which is less than their 3yrs or 36 000 km. It is true that Mazda is ripping us and doesn’t even care for it’s customer. I really want to know whats the purpose of a warranty whereas basic things like clutch disk are not covered. I am now stuck with the amount of R10 524.73 to repair the vehicle with R3 625.00 for labour only. Frustrated customer…

Clutch discs and brake pads are “wear items”, and no manufacturers’ warranties cover wear items.

I had a premature clutch problem with 98 Pathfinder. The throwout bearing (or thrust bearing as Nissan calls it) was making a lot a noise at only 30k miles. New clutch with good aftermarket parts and that clutch and all parts lasted another 100k miles. Two more clutch replacements til it was junked with well over 400k miles. The Clutch and rear trailing arm bushings being it’s only REPAIRS. Everything else was just normal maintenance. I still consider it an extremely reliable vehicle.

Your Mazda may be just as reliable. My son use to on a Mazda 3. Great reliable vehicle. Sold it with over 120k miles and ZERO issues. Now he and his live-in own a GMC SUV. We’ll see how long that lasts.

The problem from Mazda’s perspective is that it is entirely possible to burn out a clutch with bad technique long before 28,000km. They do not know your skill level with a clutch. All they know is that with almost 30k on the car, you’re coming to them and saying that a wear item which is not covered under warranty is bad. How are they supposed to differentiate between you and the guy who sits on hills holding the car’s position by putting it in 1st and holding the clutch halfway engaged instead of using the brake?


My 1999 Honda Civic 5-speed is still on its factory original clutch. Over 190,000 miles. Knock on wood!

What year Mazda do you have and how many km are in it? Also, what model?

Once I bought Subaru Outback with a stcik-shift from a local dealer, having 35K miles on odometer.
By the paperwork, it had clutch repaired under warranty something like 200 miles before.
I asked the sales guy if he can check with mechanics why it was replaced and he returned with a story that the prior owner totally burned it, to the metal getting all the rainbow colors, but they took it under warranty since the guy was buying another vehicle from them.
I bet he would get quite a push-back if he simply wanted repair and no new money were getting in the door.

I think if you bother to read the owners manual you will see the following which I cut and pasted below. There’s a short adjustment period and then it’s your baby. Note the worn clutch and brake linings part…
For what it’s worth, a clutch seldom ever fails spontaneously. There are generally warning signs which may be overlooked due to lack of knowledge or whatever.

15NEW VEHICLE LIMITED WARRANTY • Normal maintenance services such as cleaning and polishing, lubrication, and replenishment or replacement of oil, fluid, coolant, worn wiper blades, filters, worn brake and clutch linings, spark plugs, fuses, keyless transmitter batteries etc.• Maintenance services described as “Scheduled Maintenance Services”, “Owner Maintenance Services” or “Appearance Care” in your Owner’s Manua


With that inspiration I’ll keep my 1998 Dodge Ram for 10 more years.