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2009 Vibe Mileage - Help?

I am looking at purchasing a 2009 Pontiac Vibe FWD, 2.4L. I know the 1.8L seem to consistently get above 30 mpg. I have no experience with the 2.4 and would love to have some “real world” information. General comments and information on the “shiftable” automatic feature would be welcome.

Thanks All ~ LAF

I have the 2.4 Matrix 5spd Manual, XRS, so it has wide, low profile tires, not the best for MPG. Anyway, I consistently average 25 MPG. I tend to drive 75+ MPH on the freeway but I drive pretty easy in town and in traffic.

The shiftable auto in my opinion will mostly be left in auto-mode. It is not a substitute for a proper three pedal transmission

While I like my car, I’d look at the little Mazda3 hatch also.

The Matrix does sit higher than most small cars. So it doesn’t feel small when you are sitting in the driver’s seat.