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Is a 2009 Pontiac Vibe a good car? Suggestions? 5,000 and under

Looking for a new car that is good on gas mileage, has storage space for moving and camping, and is on the cheaper side to fix. From my research, the Vibe seems like a good fit. I was also wondering if anyone has an idea on average how many miles a Vibe usually makes it to? Like 250,000? I am also open to suggestions on good cars that would meet these criteria, I would like to stay around 5000 dollars and am not interested in a lease.

The Vibe is essentially a Toyota Matrix, so yes a good car when new. The problem with any used car is how the previous owners treated and maintained it. You are looking at a car that is approaching 10 years old. Pay to have it checked thoroughly by an independent mechanic.

Meghan , no one can predict how many miles a vehicle will go especially a used one . The Pontiac Vibe belongs to a discontinued brand so that is a negative factor. All you can do is have anything you might like inspected by a mechanic for obvious problems.

I’d say that’s a pretty good selection. You’ll get better mpg and lower repair costs probably if you select the front wheel drive vs the all wheel drive version. I see there’s been some problems and associated recalls with the air bag system (as on most cars of late), the windshield wiper motor, power window switches, accelerator pedal, and brake booster vacuum line. So have your shop double check all that’s correctly working now. The 1.8L engine seems to have a problem w/something associated w/the variable valve timing actuator. The 2.4 L engine doesn’t seem to have this problem. I wouldn’t be overly concerned w/either engine’s reliability. Just keep all the routine maintenance up is all, according to what the owner’s manual says.