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2009 Toyota Tacoma side step

Is there any side step available for installation under the front part of the bed, right between the tire and the cabin, similar to the URL (

Thank you for any help!

Isn’t that step in the link what you described you want? I don’t understand.

no, the one in the picture is for AMERICAN made cars, and sometimes for TUNDRAS but not for TACOMAS… tacomas do not have the same configuration of bed support that Tundras do, thats why it cannot be easily installed without DIY custom bracket. i was looking for Tacoma specific or a write up if someone used a similar step for custom tacoma install.

Looks like these guys have one for 1995 - 2011 Tacomas

Why is THAT an issue? Nowhere in your 2 posts does it say you where you are or the origin of your Tacoma. If that was an issue you should have said it was an issue. Sorry - missed the Tundra vs Tacoma thing, though.


Hey, not sure what you mean but the title of the Topic was 2009 Toyota Tacoma and I assumed that where I am from doesnt really help this inquiry but if its necessary, I am from New York City and I am looking for bed-side-step for 2009 Toyota TACOMA Extended Cab V6.

If you think I should add anything else, please let me know…


Tom T.

I don’t see why this should be so difficult. The thing called the ’ Yellow Pages ’ should have all kinds of truck accessory sellers. Even a Toyota dealer will have places they use to dress up the trucks they sell. I would suspect that the J. C. Whitney web site would have them.

been there done that. I have looked every where online as well as calling various local as well national truck part stores and no luck. the only thing i have found are side bed steps for 16-present Tacomas and ones for my generation of Tacoma, 2009, they have them only for Crew Cab, which gives you more frame and metal parts that you can either mount one specifically for that car or make a custom mount. Because my car is in the 2nd generation of tacomas, and NOT Crew Cab, there are mostly plastic pieces surronded by a lot of empty space with the frame being really far in.

anyways, this is the first time I have ever posted in any Toyota forum so if any mistakes were made, dont hold the noob accountable haha… take care guys. thanks for all the help/assistance mostly and for a little bit of sarcasm/smart-a$$ comment hahahaha