2009 Toyota Tacome Head Restraints Too Far Forward

I just bought a 2009 extended cab Toyota Tacoma. I like everything about it except one thing: the front seat head restraints are so far forward that I have to tip my head uncomfortably forward. Reading on the Internet, I learned that in the past, safety authorities considered most head restraints less effective than they should be because they were to far back, leaving too large a distance to the head. I suspect that Toyota decided to make theirs really good by moving them forward and overdid it. They not only moved them far enough forward to touch the head, but far enough to displace it. I am looking for a solution. I tried turning them backward, but then they were too far back. I am wondering about substituting a pair from an older model. New they are $300+ each, but I expect I could find some used. Would they fit? I also wonder about bending the metal supports a little. Any input will be appreciated.

The metal supports are designed to withstand considerable force, so bending them may be difficult.

You could try finding some from an older model Toyota pickup. They may fit.

Or you could buy a seat pad from the local parts store. That’ll move you forward relative to the headrest. If you don’t want to affect the seating height, you could cut the bottom of the seat pad off…like I did.

Do they have a up and down adjustment? I believe few people adjust them properly.

Your Toyota has an “active headrest” that Toyota put into its vehicles beginning in 2007. You may not be able to replace only the headrest from a Toyota made before 2007.
Here is a link which explains “active headrest”: http://paultan.org/archives/2007/07/04/toyota-develops-active-headrest-system/
Go to your Owner’s Handbook for the proper adjustment of the headrest. The “intuitive” adjustment may not be the correct adjustment.

The “intuitive” adjustment may not be the correct adjustment.

Thanks. That was what I was trying to suggest in my response above and did not explain myself very well.

I carefully read the owners’ manual. There is no forward-aft adjustment, I tried a head restraint from my friend’s 2006 Tacoma. It fit perfectly. I am going to try to find a pair at a junkyard.