Can I cut a truck seat in half to make each half move independently?

I have a friend with a truck - it is a Toyota and I think it is a Tacoma. She is very short, so short that the single (passenger and driver) seat has to be pulled right up as far as it will go. So on the passenger side, someone taller like me would have to sit sideways, and very scrunched sideways, in order to fit in.

So my question is: would it be possible to saw the single seat in half. Do the 2 halves have independent rail/guide systems such that sawing it in half would still allow each person to have a safe and adjustable ride. I guess we’d duct tape the edges.

Otherwise do they sell a 2 seat replacement for Toyota trucks. I looked around but didn’t find (but I’m not sure how to phrase my search to get - is the “Sport seat” option a two seat option)? I’ll get the specific model number later but I think it is a Tacoma of some kind.



would it be possible

Almost anything is possible, but I think this one is going to be more difficult than you think. Seats are more than just seats, they are part of a passenger restraint system to protect drivers and passengers in the event of an accident.

Even ignoring that little problem, I would guess it is not going to be all that easy.

Maybe someone here will know what truck or trucks might fit your friends needs.

You might want to check with an outfit that modifies cars and trucks for the handicapped or custom car work.

Good Luck

The center two brackets and slide tracks underneath do not exist.

A wrecking yard is the best bet to get the kind of seat you want, brackets, bolts and all.
Then hope and pray the middle of the floor can take your mounting the center brackets there. ( if your truck had a split seat option available the floor may be ready. )

Buy the wrong color seats and get seat covers.

Not worth trying. Like KG suggests, go to a junkyard/wrecking yard/‘auto recycler’ to see if bucket seats were an option for your year Toyota (what year, by the way?), get two used seats and have a body shop install them.

The bad news is that you cannot safely do what you’re suggesting. Only Red Green would even try.

The good news is that bucket seats were offered as an option for these trucks. That means that there are mounting points in the floor for the installation of additional hardware (rails and belts) necessary to put bucket seats in. Your local boneyard might have some, or a quick internet search for sutomotive replacement seats might help. Installation is bolt-in. You may have to lift your carpet to find the mounting points for the rails and seatbelts.

Thanks to everyone for their replies. Searching “bench to bucket” with Toyota Tacoma came up with some good info so I’ll put down the hacksaw and head to a junkyard.

thanks again,


Maybe she could use pedal extenders and sit further back. Keep in mind that she’s currently in a dangerous position if the airbag ever goes off.