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2009 Toyota Prius - Good buy or goodbye?

I want to by Prius car from someone but that car is 186225 miles on it I’m worried about battery please tell me what you think about this car I can by or not

No one on the web can really tell if you should buy this or not . That is why the normal response is to pay a shop to inspect the vehicle before you buy it. Also check the price of a battery and see if that cost is more than what you would pay to keep it on the road.


I watched this youtube video a few days ago. Maybe it can help you make a decision

Everything has its price, and as long as the price is right, high mileage should not be a problem. Since you did not bother telling us how much the seller wants for this car, and if they are a dealer or just some guy on Craigslist, how on Earth can we tell you if this is a good deal or not?

An 11 year old Prius with that many miles is likely to need a battery, maybe soon. You won’t want to pay more than the price assuming you have to replace the battery. How much do they want?

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