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Replace 2005 Prius batter

My 2005 Toyota Prius has 80,000 miles on it now. I have no current problem with the battery, but am looking for advice on experience others may have had in replacing the battery.


How will I know that the battery needs replacing?

Will I have enough (lots) of advance warning that I will need to do so?

Can only a dealer do the replacement?

Is it expensive? Battery? Labor?

Any experience would be helpful!

I am considering trading it in for the 2010, but am wondering whether to keep it and replace the battery (Tires,etc) as needed.


I bet this question’s been addressed in depth over at priuschat:

The forum was fascinating.
Nopody seems to have bought a replacement battery and posted it on this forum.
I am heartened

Are you talking about the large propulsion battery, or the smaller 12 volt battery that starts the engine and powers the accessories?

You shouldn’t need to replace the propulsion battery, and if you still own the car when that becomes necessary you will have plenty of warning.

The small 12V battery is replaced periodically, just like in a non-hybrid.

At only 80K miles, I’d keep the car and replace the normal wear items like tires, brakes, and 12 volt battery. The Prius has a reputation as an extremely reliable car, capable of many more years of faithful service.

I have yet to see a post here from a Prius owner who needed a new propulsion battery.

Yes, my concern was about the large propulsion battery, which the scare stories had me concerned about costing 5G’s and needing replacement after 80 or 100K miles.
Thanks for the reassurance.
I did check the prius forum and didnt find anybody who reported having replaced the battery,