2009 Pontiac Vibe - Buy or pass?

I looking at a 2009 Pontiac vibe with a 240 engine it has 125000 km they want $9500 for it Should I avoid it or go for it

Since I can’t see the vehicle or drive it and have no idea of what the market value is for where ever you are I can’t answer yes or no .

The standard reply here is pay a shop to inspect the vehicle then make your decision .


Like stated previously bring it to a qualified mechanic.
The Pontiac Vibe is a Toyota Matrix ( a hatchback Corolla) one of the most reliable cars made but at that age lots of things can be bad by now.

There have been complaints of this engine “burning oil” in North America, with the issue starting after 45,000 miles (72,000 km), though mostly after 60,000–75,000 miles (97,000–121,000 km). Piston ring design has been identified as a potential problem. Toyota has issued a TSB (Technical service bulletin) TSB #0094-11 in August 2011 but has not issued a recall. Alternative theories point to a head gasket problem: the 2AZ-FE aluminum block threads may wear out on the back three middle bolts (closest to firewall).

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I assume you mean the 2.4 engine. It is not very fuel efficent but if my memory is correct the smaller engine was offered only with a manual transmission, or some years not at all in the Vibe.

I tried one out about 14 years ago but didn’t really like it. Just didn’t feel comfortable.

It’s overpriced according to Edmunds. In average condition and with the auto transmission it’s work about $4300. In clean condition it’s worth about $6400. If this is a private sale, many people have an inflated sense of value on low mileage cars. If the car seems like it is in good condition to you (good body and interior, no obvious defects), you could try to negotiate a price well below the asking price. Stipulate that your purchase is dependent on a clean bill of health from a prepurchase inspection that you will pay for. If they go for it and the car checks out, buy it. BTW, Edmunds estimates the mileage adjustment at $700 vs a similar Vibe with 130,000 miles. Get the estimated value at Edmunds.com. If you take a photo of the VIN, you can get a more accurate estimate by providing it to the Edmunds estimator.

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I doubt if Paul will return and since he said 125000 KM we have no idea where he is located so that might be the average price .

I used US dollars, and I suspect the OP is in Canada base in using kilometers. He did not tell us the asking price was in Canadian dollars, and I assumed US dollars. He can do the conversions.

I agree way over priced, I don’t remember exactly but seems to me the one I tried out about 14 years ago was an 09 and priced around $14,000. So maybe 4-5000 for a good one now but of course everything is nuts right now.

If this is $9500 U.S. dollars, this thing is grossly overpriced, even if we are talking dealer retail. If private party, the seller is shooting for the moon and then some! This car is worth maybe $5k private party or $6k dealer. At $9500, keep looking.

I disagree , the price may not be out of line for where ever this person is . It also could be an excellent example of a Vibe GT with all the options . Just doing a web search shows these Vibes all over the place on prices . And yes I saw quite a few in the same price range as this one.

If it was originally quoted in Canadian dollars, then it would be about $7500 US.