2004 Pontiac Vibe mileage

How many miles does your 2004 Pontiac Vibe have? Mine has 229,492.

I don’t think you will get much response here. Also how many 2004 Vibe’s are on the road and will you actually get honest answers.

Is this a survey?

Is this a competition to see which 2004 Pontiac Vibe has the highest odometer reading?

Who knows. Maybe @June12 is wondering how much life to expect out of hers.

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Hi June:

The Pontiac Vibe is identical to the Toyota Matrix mechanically. Built in the same plant.

My brother has had one, a Matrix, in the family for many years. One of the kids drives it now and it has over 200,000 rural miles on it without any major repairs other than brakes. They intend to drive it for many more miles yet since it is totally reliable.

My brother’s current car is a Subaru which has been less reliable than the Matrix.

So keep driving it and do the normal required maintenance and you’ll be a happy long term owner.

In central New York, I think rust will kill mine before miles.

I don’t have a Vibe but I think the one I tried out once had about 30,000 on it. I didn’t like the way it felt so didn’t buy it.

There’s not many Vibe owners who post here on a regular basis. But several Toyota owners here have said they achieved 400K miles or more from their cars. I’m a light-weight, only a little over 200K miles on my Corolla.

You have my heart felt sympathy for keeping it this long.

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Wow! That’s amazing. Thanks

Awesome! Thanks

It’s not a survey, just curiosity.

Not a survey, just curiosity.

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We have a 2005 that as of this morning has 198,925 miles on it. I think it’s good for another 50-100k on the drive-train but accessories like the power windows have started to fail.