High Pitched Buzzing Sound on Acceleration at High Speeds for Honda Odyssey 2010

Hi there! I am new so thank you for helping out!

I have a 2010 Honda Odyssey that was/is running amazing. I purchased it new and it has about 67,000 miles on it now. Took it over the weekend to get oil change and air filter. Now when I go over 50 mph or so, whenever I hit the gas I get a high pitched zippy or buzzy sound. Kind of like a real fast high pitched fly buzzing around. It goes away once I am off the accelerator. Started right after the visit to Walmart (I know shouldn’t have gone there) to get the oil change.

Any help or pointers would be great!!



Have someone inspect the exhaust system for a loose heat shield.


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Check under the hood around the air cleaner assembly for something loose or disconnected (vacuum line, the air cleaner cover, etc.). Also look for something rubbing on the serpentine belt.

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Welcome, Lainie. Check for loose items as mentioned above.

I have another suggestion. Have you had the timing belt changed? If so, good for you! It’s a very important part of keeping your Odyssey running well. If not, you should get that done quickly. The timing belt on Honda 6-cylinder engines should be changed every 105,000 miles or every 7 years, whichever comes first. You are on year 9, and are a little overdue, even though you are a long way from 105,000 miles. This is in your maintenance manual that came with the car when you bought it. I had a 6-cylinder Accord and changed the timing belt at 7 years.

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Hi all! Thank you for responding so quickly and with great pointers!! Found out the lid to the air filter was not seated correctly. When fixed the sound went away! Thanks again!!

The oil level on the dipstick is correct, right?