2009 Nissan Rogue noise when turning. CV Joint?



Long time listener, first time poster so I’ll try and keep this brief

09 AWD Rogue w/ approx 34K miles. For a while my wife and I have been hearing what can best be described as a popping noise (just one) and vibration when the following combination happens:

  1. Turning right with…
  2. A Change in elevation…
  3. While accelerating.

The best example would be turning right into a driveway. This also doesn’t happen every time this combination happens, but every time it happens, that is the combination that did it.

You can feel the vibration in the car and both the vibration and the noise seem to be coming from the front left wheel well. I have taken this to the Nissan dealer about 4 times, the first 3 times they told me they couldn’t find an issue, the 4th time they replaced my lower control arms which turns out were broken but we still get the noise. I am worried its the CV joint, and if it is I want to catch it while its still potentially under warranty (which will be up in 36K miles). If its just a noise we have to deal with on occasion, I’m fine with leaving it be, I just dont want my ignorance (or the mechanics) to result in an unsafe driving situation.

My lovely wife thought that this site / show might shed some light on what the issue might be. Any help or opinions would be appreciated!