Rear right wheel hums

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport AWD.
Passenger rear wheel begins humming at 5 mph and gets louder the faster you go.
Wheel bearing/hub assembly seemed most likely candidate as tires are almost new and balanced properly.
I replaced it, torqued the axle nut per specifications, but to no avail.
Rotor looks fine so I went ahead and replaced both sets of brakes on back even though I know what grinding brakes sound like.
Still there.
Given the noise is most definitely on the passenger side only, I think my only other possibilities are the CV axle or the rear differential.
It literally sounds like an electric motor spinning up.
Any thoughts?

Edit: Forgot to mention… my wife hit a deer and it destroyed the radiator.
We had it towed to mechanic per insurance.
She picked it up and said the noise started immediately… and waited 3 days to tell me.
I wonder if the tow truck driver possibly did… something wrong. I highly doubt the mechanics had anything to do with it given the problem and where the damage was, but what do I know.
Now, of course, they, like I, say, “why did you not come right back? We can’t cover that.”

I would have said “wheel bearing” until I read the part where you changed it. At this point, I’d switch the passenger rear wheel to the driver’s side and vice versa. See if the noise moves.

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a differential sound would come from the middle of the car, neither passenger or driver side. I’m actually not too sure what that might be. It could have had to do something with where the tow truck driver hooked the hook to… old_mopar_guy does have a point about switching the passenger wheel to the drivers side.

I assumed too much that “looking good” was enough.
I only have gravel to work on, but I do have 2 floor jacks so I will swap em around as soon as it quits raining to see if that helps.
Thanks for responding!

Send us a sound clip if you can.

I assumed as much as far as sound location, but again, what do I know?
Looking at the axle itself, I assume if it is that, that it has to be the coupling near the wheel.
Is that… recommended to rebuild, or… assuming the tire rotation doesn’t change anything, should I replace the whole axle?
The bearing assembly was easy enough… lying on my back, but I don’t see how the axle joins to the differential.
I have a pretty much all the standard tools minus a pneumatic impact, but do have air ratchet and other assorted stuff.
Will I need anything special to replace the axle?
Thanks for responding!

I’m not sure, I’ve never replaced an axle. The axle mounts to the inside part of the differential. The differential housing houses the differential (obviously), but thats not where the axle connects to (there is a bearing on the axle, where the axle meets the differential housing). I’m not sure I can help much more… sorry!