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2009 Nissan Quest - It wasn't the solenoid

Got code to change evap canister solenoid, changed it but still getting the code

I assume you had code p044X of some description. It would help to know the exact code. I know sometimes it takes a bit of driving before the check engine light goes out after a repair. Just a guess but this might be one of those cases–or you haven’t corrected the problem.

Has anyone used their reader to reset the code after the repair?

Purge valve solenoid?,2009,quest,3.5l+v6,1443166,exhaust+&+emission,vapor+canister+purge+valve+/+solenoid,4936

Or vent valve solenoid?,2009,quest,3.5l+v6,1443166,exhaust+&+emission,vapor+canister+vent+valve+/+solenoid,16992