2009 Nissan Murano windshield cracks

After 3 windshield replacements cracks have appeared in the plastic panel between the windshield and the sun roof. in addition, the current windshield is cracked top to bottom right down the middle. sounds like stress fractures to us, any ideas?

How bad of accident was the car in before you bought it?
Was it professionally repaired, or some backyard wannabe body man?

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Can you tell us anything about the car’s history?
I too am inclined to suspect that it’s been in an accident.

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Purchased new, no dents or mishaps of any kind.

Do you live in an extreme climate?
They sound like stress cracks to me too, but your situation is truly unusual.

But you may want to do some research and find out of Nissan has had a problem with windshield cracks on their Murano. Perhaps a Nissan club forum like nico could yield some info.