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2009 Nissan Cube will not start plus warranty problems

I have a 2009 Nissan Cube that was perfect until Saturday morning when it would not start. The intellikey unlocked the doors, I had interior lights and headlights, but when I put my foot on the brake and pressed the start key, nothing happened.

I had it towed from my driveway to the dealer that day (and now my husband has me stressed about the dragging of the car to the tow-truck lift—we couldn’t even put the car in neutral). It’s Tuesday late afternoon and they still haven’t figured out what the problem is. Additionally, I’m in the Navy, bought the car in Guam (a US Territory), and had it shipped to my new duty station on the East Coast. That’s when I found out I had what they call a “ghost VIN.” So now I have a nearly new car, a mysterious unsolvable problem, and absolutely no warranty. Any advice (beyond just walk away or cry)? On top of it, I’m getting ready to deploy to Kuwait. Talk about stress!

Isn’t there someone in the military who can help? Active servicemen and women deployed have less options and this sounds like a situation that is directly related to your moving around fulfilling your service commitments.

Is this a genuine Nissan car or not? If Nissan made it, Nissan should warranty it. If there are such things as chinese knockoffs of Nissan products you could be out of luck.

Dragging it a short distance should only cause some minor wear to the tires. I wouldn’t worry about that part of your problems.

The warranty on new imported cars is covered by their distributors, not by the parent company.
Thus, a Nissan purchased in Guam is warranted by whoever has the distributorship rights in Guam (Nissan of Guam???)

A Toyota sold in the US is warranted by Toyota Motor Sales, USA.
A Nissan sold in the US is warranted by Nissan USA (or whatever they call themselves).
A Honda sold in the US is warranted by Honda of America.
A Subaru sold in the US is warranted by Subaru of America.
And so on and so on…

An imported car that is brought into the US by an individual is like a “gray market” watch or a gray market stereo amplifier. The US distributor will treat it like an orphan, and will not cover it.

You should contact the dealer you bought the car from. I’m sure they sell lots of cars to the military folks stationed in Guam. Maybe they will tell you how you can get warranty service on CONUS. You might also call Nissan USA as see if they have a suggestion.

Uh, Guam IS in the U.S.