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URGENT- new car has 254 km.! Opinions needed please

URGENT: I would greatly appreciate any opinions and comments please.

I put a deposit down on a “new” Cube 2009. I asked how many kilometres were on it - just like that. The Manager, who was very pleasant, and polite, and with whom I was doing the sales transaction, went to check. I followed him, and I was quite taken aback to find out that it showed 254 kilometres. He then proceeded to explain that this car was driven out to a show in the country…hmmm, I thought…how odd that a “new” car is acutually “used”!?

I would like to know from other members what they think about this, and also - in which classification does this vehicle now fall into…?i.e. > Is it a used vehicle? is it a demonstrator? Should this be a concern? When arriving home I noticed that on the actual vehicle sales agreement which I signed - it was indicated that there are 50 km. on this car - which is an “error” - this information is incorrect of course!

I was planning to pay for the balance at the beginning of next week.

I feel disappointed. In the past there was another “incident” at this dealership, and I never returned as I was put off by a very impolite salesman. I went back this time, only to find out if they had any 2009’s left. I took the opportunity to tell the Manager what had happened with regards to the incident with the salesman, and never returning as I was put off, and not wanting to purchase a car at his dealership. He was shocked and I accepted his apologies.

II am not feeling 100% comfortable about discovering that this Cube has been driven and is showing 254 km. And although I am feeling good about the sales transaction, band the Manager is very pleasant…I am feeling some mistrust now … is there anything I should be inquiring about, checking into on this vehicle… further to this “discovery”…Thank you!

Personally, I would get my deposit back and I would walk away from this deal.

Years ago, I bought a new Volvo, and was told that they would have to have it driven down from Connecticut–a distance of about 200 miles or so. At the time, I did not think that this would be a problem.

It turned out to be the worst car that I ever owned, chiefly because of both severe oil burning and transmission problems. While it did not occur to me at the time, I later came to believe that whoever drove the car for those 200 miles did some serious damage to the car by hot-rodding it.

Could I prove my thesis? No, but just the possibility that the unknown person or persons who drove this Cube could have driven it as if they were driving in the Indy 500 would make me walk away from this car deal.

Even though 254 km = only ~158 miles, you can do some serious damage to an engine, a transmission, and brakes in 158 miles. If the car has a manual transmission, it is possible to take thousands of miles of “life” out of a clutch in just 158 miles. It all depends on how the car was driven, and unfortunately, you have no way of knowing this.

As to the manager’s demeanor, most con-men have the ability to be quite charming. Their livelihood depends on being able to ingratiate themselves with people. Even Ted Bundy was said to be very charming.

The 254 KM is nothing to worry about, it is common. Often cars are traded between dealers or may be trucked to one dealer where some of the cars belong and the others driven to dealers.

I would be more concerned with the difference on the record 5 KM vs 254 KM  I would want the paperwork to match the odometer. Not something I would get all excited about however. 

 Since you are talking about km and not miles I assume you are not in the US, but I would not be surprised that once the car leaves the lot, it is yours.  Too late to turn it down.

When I sold cars, it wasn’t uncommon for “new” cars to have over 100 miles on them. All it takes is a couple decent test drives and you’re there. 254 km is nothing to be concerned over.

A vehicle is considered “New” if it has never been titled or registered. Say it had 1600 KM on it, you would certainly demand and get a big discount on this 2009 model vehicle and I would ask a lot of questions, but it would STILL be sold as a “new” vehicle…

Do modern engines need to be broken-in? What was an issue years ago probably isn’t an issue for this car.

That’s what I was thinking. It seems the OP wants a car that has never been test driven. Good luck with that.

Talk to your local Department of Transportation and ask them about the regulations for new/used cars. Here in Colorado, a “new” car can have up to 200 miles (322 km) and still be sold as new. Over that limit, and it’s considered used (dealer demo, etc.). Manufacturers’ warranty starts from the date of retail sale or “in service”. If I was purchasing a demo with significant miles, I’d ask them to extend the mileage limitation by the number of miles at time of purchase.


Violet, I Live In The States. It Is My State’s Law And The United States’ Law Both To Disclose The Odometer Mileage When Transfering Or Selling A Vehicle.

"Failure to complete a mileage discloser or providing false information may make the seller liable for damages and fines and / or imprisonment according to . . . "(Federal Law).

The dealer should have gone over terms of the sales agreement with you. However, it was up to you to compare the vehicle identification, mileage, model-year, etcetera, that were written on the document with the actual car, prior to signing. I always do this.

Going back now would be a case of “She said, He said,” I’m afraid.

I don’t know the laws of your country. You should find out about them.

If this Manager that you deal with is not the Dealership Owner then maybe you could request a meeting with the owner to discuss your concerns.

If the Manager is the Owner then maybe you could request a meeting with a representative from Nissan Corporate to discuss your concerns.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the 254 km. However, I’m concerned with the “…I am feeling some mistrust now …”. This is what needs to get resolved.

Is this the only Nissan Dealer near your location ?


I’ve bought numerous new cars over the years and 254 kliks is really nothing to be concerned about. It’s normal. Everytine the car gets moved, evert test drive, they easily add up to that much.

More importantly, it’s not enough to reduce the life of the vehicle or even have any impact on it. At that mileage the engine and chassis have just barely barely barely been run. The labels probably haven’t even cooked off the exhaust yet. The machining oils havent even dissipated from the machined parts.

No worrys. Enjoy your brand new Cube.

Even a modern engine, if operated at steady RPMs for too long when it is brand new, will not seat its piston rings properly.

No worries mate.

Cansider this,
When YOU wish to test drive any car,
What distance do you consider to be a worthwhile, data collecting, decision making test run ?

Add to that the time this car has been on the lot and how many potential buyers may have driven it.

254 km / 158 m is not much at all.

An example ;
From my Ford dealer to the west end of town, on to interstate 40 east to the other end of town, off the interstate back through town to the dealer…
is a 20 mile test drive.

times the number of customers who have test driven…

Thank you for your reply. I am in Canada, and yes I agree with you - I will definitely ask him to correct the km. on the paperwork. I still want the car…it’s just the distrust issue!!

Thank you for your reply. It’s just that it is being sold to me as a new car…not a demonstrator, not a car for test drives!

Thanks for your reply. No, it is not the only Nissan dealer near me. The ONLY reason I am purchasing the car over there is that it is the only 2009 Cube, in the colour I want, which is remainingl in this city. They are selling 2009 Cubes now. My plan is to have it serviced elsewheres, at a dealer whom I feel is wonderful. That wonderful dealer just could not accomodate my needs.
I was told by the A.P.A. that I could service the car elsewhere - I never knew that…always thought it must be where it was bought.

Thanks for your reply and wishes to enjoy my new Cube! I am so looking forward to it, and will be taking great care of this “toaster” looking vehicle.

It’s just that I have heard that usually a new car would not have more than 50 km. on it…it is the dishonesty that makes me feel disappointed about them…I wanted a new car…and I believe that he lied about the story that it was driven to the country…somehow I feel it was used as a demonstrator…but as I feel very satisfied with the deal I made, I will purchase it there and go elsewhere for service.

Thanks for your reply…it is just that he lied…it is not “new” - which for me means not being used as a demonstrator to do test drives, or to be used to drive to a “show” to the country…It is just that I told him that I wish to purchase a NEW car. This car was probably the car that I myself test drove last year when I first went to that dealer!!! But it will all be ok…I will just purchase it there and then service it elsewhere!

My biggest concern would be the odometer reading they submitted on the sales agreement. This could be considered fraud, since the misrepresented it on the agreement.

Now use THAT against them, with a veiled threat of legal action, to bargain down the price.

way down.

You may just end up with exactly the car you want at a much better price that you anticipated.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a car on the lot that hasn’t been test driven multiple times. Demonstrators are often cars that the dealership gives/leases at a vastly reduced rate to their salespeople. When I sold Fords, I had an F-350 4x4 V10 (fantastic truck) as my “demonstrator”. I put about 1500 miles on it before I sold it. A demonstrator will be sold as such. Most likely your car was not a demonstrator; it was simply a new car that had been taken for about 4 or 5 test drives before you bought it. The only real way to get a new car with minimal mileage on it, is to order it from the factory, though it?ll still have about a dozen KM on it before you get it since it?ll have been rolled around a bit and moved around storage lots and depots on its way to the dealership.