2009 MINI Cooper - Smells of gas

Getting a smell of gas when stopped at stop light the car has no leaks.

You may not see the leak, but if you smell gas you have a problem.
Have it checked out, could be in the emission control system, but that would normally trigger your CEL.


Have someone inspect the fuel injectors for leaking O-rings.

It takes very little gasoline on a hot engine to create that smell.



The car has to have a leak somewhere…or you wouldn’t be able to smell the gas.

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Yes it does, you just have to find it.


There’s a leak somewhere and gasoline doesn’t fool around (wife treated burn patients). Have it towed to a shop and let them deal with it. Possibilities include cracked fuel lines (can spray you in the eye when under pressure), leaky joints, rodent chewed lines - you don’t want to be there when it catches fire.


it could be the tank filler hose has a crack in it.

That would cause the Check Engine light to turn on with an EVAP leak code.


your right. I should of thought about it a little more before posting.