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What’s the gas smell from in 2004 Chevrolet 1500?

Gas smell in cab when starting and after stopped?

Have you opened the hood and looked for a fuel leak yet.


Does the check engine light come on or do you get a “tighten gas cap” message on the odometer display? Pretty common for a couple of solenoids to fail on GM’s evap emissions control system. This could cause the fuel odor, but you will have a check engine light if this is the case. If the light is on, you can get the codes read at an auto parts chain store for free. Then report the code here.

I recently went through evap system problems on a 2005 Sierra.

I do not get any codes at all. Only the odor of gas in the cab. I have tried to locate any type of leak from any part of the vehicle from gas tank to injectors? I park the vehicle on clean concrete and start and stop vehicle, then let set and do not move. Can not visibly see any leaks?

It will most likely take a smoke test by a shop to find this leak. I think you should do this soon before it becomes really serious.

The fuel pump hard lines may have a rusty pinhole. Probably right near the top of the gas tank. Maybe even the fuel pump lines themselves. It doesn’t take much of a leak to make a lot of smell. BTW my 04 Chevy Avalanche had the exact same problem. I replaced the fuel pump as the fittings were very rusted.

Thx mustang an, I will take a look and see if I can figure it out? If you have any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks again!

Thanks, Volvo man.