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2009 Mazda Mazda5 - Minivan value?

Any reason NOT to invest $4,500 in the 2009 Mazda5 3-owner with one damage report within first 10,000 miles (front impact) from 9 years ago with 140,000 miles on it?

This is not an investment . What does Kelley Blue Book say the value is. Have a mechanic look at it for about 100 to 125 so that will improve your chance of not buy a piece of junk.

About the right price… But @VOLVO_V70 is right, spend a bit to have your mechanic inspect it. Best $125 you’ll ever spend.

Loved that Mazda5. It’s too bad all the minivans became maxivans. Hope the mechanic check goes well.

Lots to like about Mazdas, but they are far more rust prone than the norm. That may not matter so much depending on location.

Three owners in 9 years? Why? Are all the service records available to you? Not likely with that history.

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If it passes a mechanic’s pre-purchase inspection, I’d say at that price that’s a pretty good choice for a used mini-van.

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Seems like a good deal a coworker has an older one with at least 220,000 miles that’s going strong.