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$11,000 2005 Mazda MPV 60,000 miles - worth it?

We only have $12000 to spend. Most cars are just too small. Came across this small minivan, but can’t get over the mileage. (According to, price is pretty good for our area.) Should we lump it and buy a small car with lower miles, or will this Mazda MPV serve us well? (Paying a loan AND lots of repairs does not sound good).

Thanks for all opinions!

The asking price is high, even for a dealer, according to KBB, but I’m probably not in your area.

Are you talking to a dealer or a prive seller?

60K is not terribly high miles for a five-year-old car. Normal is 10-12K pre year.

If you have $12K to spend, look for cars in the $10K range. That way you’ll have some money left when the inevitable first repair or maintenance item comes up.

If it is an EX model is about $1,000 over priced. If it is an LX model it is way over priced, like $3,000.

Decent car, but a 2005 is now about 6 years old so you have to expect some repairs and build that into your budget.

If you want a “no repairs” car you have to look at new cars with new tires and a warranty. Used cars are sold for a reason and often that is something the previous owner didn’t want to spend money on. A major service such as time for a new timing belt gets many owners to trade in their cars for instance.

I own a 2001 MPV and have had a good experience with it. Bought mine new. At the time, price and slightly smaller size compared to Sienna and Odyssey won me over.

The only two non-maintenance repairs I have done is a front wheel bearing assembly at 130K miles, and fuel pump and filter at 140K miles. shows clean trade value at 9K and high retail at 11K, so bargain on the price. I don’t think Consumer Reports show a marked reliability difference between mine and later models like this one, so I would certainly consider it, assuming it passes a pre-purchase mechanic’s inspection. At 60K, it probably needs the 60K service (which may include spark plug change out), and I would either plan on getting it done soon ($500 or so, possibly less) or have it serviced if this is a dealer transaction before I bought it.

I would check out the ATF fluid condition on this car. Mazda does not specify when to change it, and it certainly is not a lifetime fluid.