2009 Mazda Mazda5 - Can I extend the life of door trim gaskets?

Rubberized trim gaskets on doors is wearing down. Is there a way to extend the life of the gaskets?

Silicone spray.



Coincidentally I was just looking at the door and window gaskets on my 28 year old Corolla the other day, and noticed they were still looking like new. The ones on my truck, definitely looked aged. I wonder if Toyota’s gaskets are better than other makes, or if not, why do they seem to be holding out so well? It doesn’t apply to all the gaskets, for example there’s a gasket involved with the front of the hood that has worn out.

Another data point, last year I bought a new fridge ( my part w/stimulating the economy with the Covid checks) and I notice the door gasket seem to be a more robust material than earlier fridges.

Car weather stripping is foam rubber. Freezer, refrigerator, and metal exterior door material is usually magnetic to provide a better seal. In the north land though that silicone on weather stripping helps to keep it from freezing to the door. Winter is coming again.