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2009 Jepp Compass 4x4 Front Passenger wheel locked up

Hey all,

Front right wheel locked up. I have to give it a good chunk of gas to get it to go, and then it locks up again.
Horrible horrible noise come when it finally does release. Almost like 2 pool balls hitting together only much louder.

I have replaced the rotor and brake pads, as it hadn’t locked up previously. When it locked up i assumed the caliper had seized and i replaced that. Again didn’t work. At wits end and can only see this as going more expensive.

I’ve read on other threads that it could be bearing/differential and (crossing my fingers its not) the drive train.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

Also i should note that the traction control light is always on/ABS light on/ and after driving for a slight amount of time the 4WD light comes on telling me that it cannot be put into 4WD.

Check and see if the outer CV-joint has failed.


A bad brake hose can cause the caliper to stick on:

Picture 2

You can test this by opening the bleeder to see if the wheel frees up.

That’s’ true, but to me the symptoms sound a lot more like a joint that’s failed than a locked/seized/stuck caliper. Either way, it’s got to go on the lift.

Spoke to a mechanic to get it booked in to get fixed. He thinks based on the model of the car it’s more likely that the bearing has seized. Either way it’s now out of my realm of ability to fix it at this point.

I should add he that he does believe that the hub assembly will have to be replaced as well.