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4X4 makes me mad!

When I put my Jeep into four wheel drive the right front wheel seems to lock up against the outboard brake pad. I’ve changed front diff fluid with no avail. Any ideas. Should I start at brakes or a new front end? Its got about 203k on it and I’m hoping for another 100k with no major expense!!!

What kind of surface are you driving on?

Maybe bearing in front axle that only turns when it is in 4x4.

Does this jeep have manual hubs?

Its mainly when I go from a snow covered road to a dry spot the front end shutters, but on the snow can feel it “locking” up the right wheel and it makes the rear dance around on the snow. I’ve thought about the axle bearings maybe letting the axle shift out too far?

Are all four tires the same size/tread design/general degree of wear?

You should expect some strange stuff to happen when driving a part-time 4x4 on dry pavement, although with most newer ones if you’re driving straight it should be okay. An oddball tire might throw everything off, though.

Also, is this a “regular” Cherokee with a solid front axle or a Grand Cherokee?

It is a regular Cherokee with a solid axle. And yes all 4 tires are the same tire and farely new. I’ve had it on jack stands with the front wheels off and watched it go into 4wd and the right hub and rotor slide out far enough to slide the caliper to its farthest point and presses the rotor tight into the outboard pad.I’ve had the front diff cover off as well and cant see it move back and forth from there though… It’s got me puzzled, I’ve been a tech for years and I’m almost stumped on this one. We’ve been gettin snow here in Virginia enough lately that I need it working right.