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98 Explorer sport front driver tire locking

Truck driver side wheel was grinding and locking up, I changed the cv axle and its still doing the same thing HELP

How about the wheel bearing?


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Seizing caliper?

So at this point the front driver side wheel won’t spin freely , it’s totally locked up when you try to spin the wheel manually on the lift? What about when the CV axle was removed, did the wheel spin freely then? Or is that experiment not possible to do w/this configuration? On my Corolla and Rabbit I could still spin the wheel when the axle was removed as I recall anyway.

My guess is the brakes on that wheel are locking up for some reason. try unscrewing the bleeder on that caliper, see if that makes any difference. If so, could be the rubber brake hose is collapsing.

I’ll try that thanks

If it is 4wd… Its your Auto locking hubs…


Problematic locking hubs can definitely cause this sort of thing. My truck’s hubs aren’t auto-locking, manual locking, I have to turn a little knob on each front wheel. If that knob isn’t in the right position w/respect to the other wheel and the transfer case it will raise this sort of heck.