2009 Honda Ridgeline - Hybrid coming?

I enjoy your column immensely every week in the Minneapolis Star & Tribune. I never thought I’d be writing to you but after seeing your answer to the person wanting to know if they should buy a Kona I thought I’d give you shout out. I am a huge fan of the Honda Ridgeline! I’ve owned a 2006 and now a 2009 model. The 2009 I own now has a 160,000 miles on it. I’ve taken good care of it, following all maintenance requirements and have even had it repainted the same color because of scratches, etc. Even though It is running fine, because of impending retirement and other financial reasons, I want to replace it. My only hesitation to purchasing another Ridgeline is the gas mileage.We recently bought a 2019 Camry hybrid and it literally gets 50 miles to the gallon, while my Ridgeline gets about 18. That car has spoiled me! I need a vehicle that can tow a small trailer. I’m a snowbird and I need enough room for the semi-annual drive. I want it to last and frankly I’m a fan of Toyotas and Hondas. My question is do you see Honda coming out with a hybrid Ridgeline in the near future, or if not do you have a recommendation for something else? We’re thinking of the Toyota Highlander hybrid but are open to suggestions. Thank you for your time!

I doubt if Ray will see your post here . Go to the main Car Talk page , scroll to the bottom and use the contact button .
You are over thinking this , being retired means that you will drive the Ridgeline imitation truck a lot less so the miles per gallon is not the big of a deal. If it will tow this trailer you want then that is the way to go.

Since a Ridgeline hybrid is an unknown, consider other vehicles that will do what you want. How many pounds do you need to tow? The Highlander hybrid has a rated capacity of 3500 lbs. and gets fairly good mpg for its size. The Rav4 hybrid is rated for half that.

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With a sales volume of about 30000 Honda Ridgeline vehicles a year I doubt if there is even a thought about adding a Hybrid version .