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2009 Honda Ridgeline 4WD

I am currenlt looking for a vehicle to replace my Buick Rainier.

Um thinking of buying Honda Ridgeline, Some requirments are it has to be good for a family, Be able to tow 3,800 lb camper, and roomy enough to fit 4.

What do you Guy’s recomend ?

Does any one own a ridgeline that Tow’s ? How do you like it ?

I own a 2008 Ridgeline RTX which I use to tow a 2-horse trailer with 2 horses in it (a little over 5000 lbs). It’s been great and it seems to drive exactly the same with the trailer as without. I would definitely recommend it.

I would recommend a similar vehicle, the Ford Sport Trac. The V8 equipped Sport Trac has a towing capacity around 7,000 pounds.
Whatever you decide to get, make sure to get the option that includes a larger radiator and transmission cooler. If they aren’t available, go aftermarket, it’s a wise investment if you’re gonna be towing on a regular basis(more than 4x a year)

Frankly,I wouldn’t even consider a Ridgeline for a tow vehicle, It has unibody construction, and is light on torque with the small engine. A supercab F-150 with the 3 valve 4.6L V8 and 6 speed automatic is a good combination of power and fuel economy. Any full-sized truck will do better than the glorified minivan that is the Ridgeline.

I think of the Ridgeline as a El Camino of Minivans

Thank’s for the advise,

Um not sure what um going to do, it’s a toss between a V8 and great towing capacity or a 6 cylinder and getting bye. I like the Ridgline for it’s size and the ability for my wife to like it. But um also thinking of a Toyota Tacoma.