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2009 Honda Fit Headlight

The font driver-side headlight on my honda fit is out. The strange thing is that it works as a day time running light, it works as a high beam, it just doesn’t work as a headlight, and, looking at the other headlight, each setting seems to use the same bulb. It also appears that the amber light above it (not the blinker which is below it) doesn’t work, although the only circumstance where I can get the other one to come on is when I use the remote unlock.

As the bulb seems to work in two modes, but not a third, it seems like this isn’t something that can just be fixed by switching the bulb.

Any thoughts?

I would just switch bulbs from left to right to see if it corrects the problem. Read your owners manual to see how this is accomplished. Do not touch the bulbs with your fingers because it will shorten the life of both bulbs. If switching does not help then you could have corrosion in the headlight connector or a problem with your headlight dimmer system. The problem is simple but finding it can be a little challenging. Good luck!