Headlights Question

I have a 2007 Honda Fit. Both headlights stopped working recently, only the high beams worked.
I changed the fuses and the problem remains.
Do I need replacement bulbs or is the problem somewhere else?
I take it the low-beam part of the bulbs burns out before the high-beams because they get more use?
Is that accurate?

Thank you

Try the bulbs first, then move on.

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I suspect one low beam burned out a while ago and you did not notice it. You noticed it when the 2nd one went out


I agree with @SteveCBT ,

But if they both failed at the same time, and fuses are good, I’d suspect the headlight switch on this 14 year old car.

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I replaced a low-beam on my 2008 Fit. If you’ve never done it, you may have to remove the front tire to see what you’re doing. Otherwise, steer the tires right to work on the right bulb. There is a circular rubber boot that you pull out. At this point, you can see (or feel) the bulb. The bulb clips in, so unclip it to remove it. Do the reverse to install. This does not require any tools (I did it in a hotel parking lot), but it is a pain in the neck and a little dirty.


Yes you are probably correct, thank you

If your Fit uses conventional bulbs (i.e. not LED’s etc), and one bulb contains both the low beam and the high beam filament, you could use an ohm meter to test the resistance of each. If the result is an open circuit, that filament is bad. You may need a wiring diagram to figure out which pins correspond to which filament. Sometimes you can tell just by looking.