2002 Honda Accord Timing Belt Replaced Squeaky Noise



I got my timing belt, water pump and belts changed at my independent mechanic.

When I start my car and it warms up after 15 minutes or so, I hear this squeaky noise coming from the engine (nearest the front seat passenger side). This noise can only be heard if the car is at stop or when driving under 10mph.

My mechanic told me that it should disappear with time however I got a timing belt replaced on another Accord at the dealership and did not experience similar squeaky sounds.



You mechanic is brushing you off. There should be no squeaking and it will not go away all by itself. (Unless…maybe…is this car’s name “Christine” - if so, just drive it in reverse).

If the squeaky noise is new it very well may be from the new serpentine belt that the mechanic put on (you imply that it was replaced). It may also be one of the pulleys, or any number of other weird things. You ought to pester the mechanic. Ask him/her explain exactly what the squeaky noise is and why it would magically disappear. If s/he says s/he doesn’t know what causes it ask how one would possibly predict that it would go away.


I took it back to him and am waiting to hear how he plans to fix it.


I also had a noise issue right after I had the timing belt done on my Accord,

The mechanic (not my regular man, dealership mechanic, long story), also tried to blow it off saying that the belt might “break in” and the noise would go away.

Don’t take no for an answer, keep taking it back until they get it right.


I took it back and he says that he has adjusted the belts and the noise has gone away. I will see what happens in the next week or so.


It has been about one month and the timing belt noise is gone.

I do however notice that there is a roaring sound when I push down hard on the accelerator to speed up. Once the speed levels off, the roaring sound stops. The increase in speed occurs between the 2000RPM - 3000PM.

I am unsure if the roaring noise is anything to worry about or if I am being a little paranoid. The mechanic to whom I took it for the timing belt change can’t notice the same noise. He suspects it may be the transmission as the 2002 models had faulty transmissions.

Should I be worried or not ?

Thanks !