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Focus Air Cleaner

Beginning 2007 Focus has this goofy “100,000 mile” air cleaner! Tucked up on driver’s side in front of splash panel and wheel. Difficult to remove and service(about two hours)-- local dealer hasn’t done one yet but says Focus is test car for possible widespread Ford use. There is a tortuous intake pipe and plenum incl this weird pressure-drop thing to show when must replace. 1/4 our driving is on VERY dusty roads.

MY QUESTION-- how often must one replace this contraption with dusty road conditions and/or could it be converted to old style easy change filters?

This is a terrible design in my view.

Has anyone on this forum had experience with this?

Isn’t it odd that car makers don’t want us to like their cars? Car insurance is the same way and home insurance is the same. No claims in 32 years, so they raise the premium by $300. Then they tell you how they are serving you better. Those K/N air filters are starting to look good, and there is probably a paper filter option somewhere. Their prices aren’t bad when compared to that 100,000 mile filter which will cost HOW MUCH?!