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2009 ford escape

I have a 2009 ford escape v6 and having ignition problems I’ve replaced the starter and ignition switch and I’m still cranking it off the cylinoid any suggestions on what the problem is

Try shifting the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts, it points to a problem with the neutral safety switch/range sensor.,2009,escape,3.0l+v6,1443394,electrical-switch+&+relay,neutral+safety+switch+/+range+sensor,4584


I have tried that as well still nothing

Have you tried swapping the starter relay with a relay with the same part number?,2009,escape,3.0l+v6,1443394,electrical-switch+&+relay,ignition+starter+relay,3804


Yeah I have tried that when I replaced the starter

Have you checked if fuse #11/30 amp has blown in the fuse box under the hood?


Ive pulled and tested every fuses

May be you need to replace the PAT sensor.

Ok I will look into that

I’m at the same spot with my 09 Ford Escape. Did you Resolve the ignition problem?