2008 Ford Escape - Ignition problem

Ignition does not work. Just quit working one morning. Nothing happens. Mechanic claims there is a flaw in the steering column and ignition.

The flaw is with the ignition switch. this is a video showing how it can be fixed. he is doing it on a 2010 escape, but it is the same for yours. but most shops will just change the switch.

How To Fix Ignition Problems on a 2010 Ford Escape & Save $1,500! - YouTube

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Thank you!!

Mark , while it may not cause a problem it is just not a good idea to put your contact info on an open forum site.

Glad I could help. but delete your personal info. this is an open forum and you never know who stops by.

My parents had an early 90’s Taurus, and the ignition switch was problematic on that car as well. I wonder if Ford sedan ignition switches have some sort of design problem? Or just a coincidence? Ignition switch on my 50 year old Ford truck original, never any problems, but I did have to replace the lock cylinder at one point.