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2009 Ford Escape blower motor

My blower motor does not turn on with remote start…radio turns on. It used to until few days ago. I used to leave blower motor at the desired setting and it would turn on. Now it only turns on when i put in the key and turn it to start position. Car does not have climate control… just basic.

i’ve checked all fuses, and relays by switching them. No luck.
Remote starter professionally installed 11 months ago. Compustar G15 2way with EvoFort4 and T harness.
Any ideas what could have gone wrong? I’m thinking the issue lies on the car side, since the radio turns on and from what i can find online, there is only one accessory wire to the car. Thanks.

[quote=“Coolbunny69er_160885, post:1, topic:154687”]
Any ideas what could have gone wrong? Thanks.

With after market remote starters there is a long list of problems that can happen. You might contact the seller of the unit or whoever installed the remote unit.

Ignore this thread , the person has two identical posts.