'04 Civic EX heater fan not working

hello, i have an '04 civic ex and the heater/ac fan stopped working. i’ve checked the corresponding fuses (and others) and they’re all fine. i also noticed a possible corresponding issue which happened right before the fan failed. i have a remote start, and last april it stopped functioning properly. the engine would turn over but wouldn’t fire. the night the fan quit my car alarm went off seemingly on its own since i don’t recall bumping the panic button on my keychain remote. after the fan quit, i turned off the ignition and tried my remote start, just for the heck of it… and it worked! it still works today. could this be related since it seems electrical? ANY help will be GREATLY appreciated, as my repair funds are sorely limited right now.

I doubt the two issues you mentioned are related.

To see if the blower motor is ok you can run power directly to it with some jumpers and see if that works ok. If the motor works then you might check the blower relay next. Swapping it with another or tapping on it may show up the trouble.

You should strongly consider purchasing a service manual for the car. It will save you time and money on repairs such as this. You can find them on Ebay. Factory manuals are the best ones to get as they will show you where to find things like the blower relay.

great advice. thanks!